Applications of Vibration Analysis in Austin

The advent of modern technology has seen the development of machines and equipment that increase effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace. Nearly all industries rely on one type of machine or another for work output, and failure of any of these machines results in reduced productivity and downtime.

To combat this, there are techniques used to safeguard and protect machines from severe damage or total failure. One of the more popular techniques in use today is vibration analysis. Field technicians make use of special equipment as measurement tools to help detect and evaluate failures in rotating machines. Some of this equipment includes multi-channel vibrating testers, tri-axial sensors, etc.

Principle of Vibration Testing

Vibration analysis or testing is based on the principle that the vibrating and operating patterns of machines differ. When the machine is in good working condition, it generates a distinctive set of vibrations that act as its unique signature. Changes or irregularities in this vibration pattern indicate a fault or malfunction and vibration analysis technicians can isolate and solve such issues.

Increases Efficiency

Vibration testers can increase the efficiency and productive time of piping machines and static equipment. These testers regularly detect and record the performance of individual machine parts. The following are some of the applications of vibration analysis in Austin.

Determination of Vibration Signature

Vibration testers can be used in pumps, motor gearbox, drive lines, bearings, and rotor bars of machines to detect the specific frequencies at which they operate. These frequencies vary with the operating speed of the equipment where they are installed. Operators of vibration analysis equipment can obtain a comprehensive field spectrum of the motor’s vibration signature and other operating equipment. The gathered data is shown on a display unit and thoroughly analyzed to detect the source of abnormal vibrations.

Other Applications

Vibration testing devices can help in identifying the following issues.

* An imbalance in thermal effects.

* Any disorder in the belt drive.

* Any loose components in the machine.

* Faulty rotation motors.

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