You might think that quality umbrellas are hard to find, but they aren’t. You just need to know what to look for during your next purchase. Here are four indications you’re buying a topnotch bumper shoot.

1. Size Matters

When you’re out in the rain, you need wide enough protection to prevent the water from getting on your lower extremities, and a domed canopy is designed to keep you dry under most circumstances. Obviously, if the wind is blowing the water underneath your umbrella, you will get wet, but a wider canopy works best to help you keep dry.

2. Vented

Canopies can also be vented or layered in twos. This helps prevent the wind from grabbing the canopy underneath and flipping it inside out. The true sign of quality umbrellas is venting or double layers, as you can be rest assured the umbrella will stand up to winds, even gusts, without flipping. Don’t worry, however. The venting does not allow water onto you.

3. Comfort

A comfortable grip is much more important than you might realize. You need to have a secure grasp on the handle when the weather gets really rough, but you’ll also want a secure hold when it’s just misting. Keep in mind you will be juggling other things, such as your briefcase and/or purse, perhaps a cup of coffee, and maybe the daily paper.

4. Easy Collapse

This isn’t the canopy but the shaft. It should pop open and extend the canopy easily when you’re ready to use it and collapse easily when you’re done. Don’t purchase an umbrella that has more than two sections to the shaft; otherwise, you may find the bumper shoot is unsteady and unreliable when in use. Stay dry with a one or two-piece shoot only.

These are some of the things you will find in quality umbrellas. When you purchase one built to last, it will, no matter what Mother Nature throws its way. To order Click Here.