What to Look for When Buying an Umbrella

Quality umbrellas may be hard to find. Those you can buy at your local grocery store may be affordable, but will likely not last very long. Rain or shine, umbrellas can bring style and protection from the elements. Here are a few things to look for when purchasing an umbrella.


Umbrellas can be simple or flashy. They may be a way for you to express yourself or to blend in. You can choose to get ruffles or cute polka dots in bright colors to stand out, or mix with the crowd in greys and blacks if your mood is leaning toward subtle. Choose an umbrella in light hues or prints, instead of black, if you plan to use it for shade in the summer.


Buying an umbrella from just anywhere may not guarantee quality. A cheap umbrella can leak rain on you or may not shield you very much from the sun. On the other hand, quality umbrellas offer better protection from the weather, rain or shine. Sturdy umbrellas are designed to last several seasons, rather than breaking easily like discount ones are prone to do. It is just as important to get a nice quality umbrella as it is to get a stylish one.


How important is the type of umbrella you choose? There are a few types of umbrellas for different uses. You may consider getting a smaller umbrella for a child. There are also umbrellas used solely for blocking out sun, and some are designed for both rain and sun protection. Extra sturdy, large umbrellas are perfect for events like soccer outings or picnics with your family.

It is frustrating when you get an umbrella and it breaks the same day. Looking for quality umbrellas may not be as easy as just going to the store and picking one up, but it may be worth it if you want one that will last longer. Check out our umbrella selection