4 Questions to Ask About Misting System Repairs

So, the dog days of summer is here again. And while you want to spend a few hours enjoying the great outdoors from your porch, garden or backyard, the heat just won’t seem to cooperate. If the heat and humidity keep driving you indoors, no worries.

Keeping cool in the summer is now easier with an outdoor mist system. However, if your cooling mist fans don’t seem to be working right, you might need to call in trustworthy service technicians to fix the problem. Here are a few questions to help you figure out what kind how much that service is going to cost you.

What’s the problem?

Common problems often involve blocked nozzles and tubes. Sometimes, there’s a short in the electrical system, too, though. Replacing any worn or damaged parts or blown fuses should be inexpensive enough.

How much pressure do you need?

If your system needs a lot, then you might need to replace the compressor. The cost of a compressor depends on its size and power. You might also want to check on the size of your compressor and if its big enough to handle your system in the first place. If they aren’t a match, that might be the reason why your compressor failed.

Is your system accessible?

If your misting system or cooling mist fans are hung unusually high, repair technicians might find it a bit more challenging to work on, says HomeAdvisor. Expect to pay more than the average if that’s the case. The more difficult it is to access your system, the bigger your repair costs will be.

Do you need a repair or replacement?

If you’ve been having too many repairs, you might want to consider buying a new system. Don’t put money down the drain by spending on repairs when you can buy a new one instead.

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