How to Refill Your Ink Cartridges

Let’s face it, ink cartridges are expensive. OEM printer cartridges are even worse. When you consider the price of some printers, ink can often cost as much as a new printer, but there is a cheaper option. You can often refill your ink cartridges. Ink cartridge refill kits are much cheaper since you are just buying the ink, not the cartridge and sensors in the cartridge. So, how do you do it?

Remove Your Empty Cartridge

First, you have to remove the old cartridge. This will vary from printer to printer, so check your manufacturer recommendations. In most cases, the front of the printer will lift up, and you can see the cartridges right there. They should just pull out; some may have clips that must be compressed.

Loading The Ink

To refill your ink cartridges, you will need a small syringe which should come with the refill kit. If you have them then you may want to wear gloves for this; the ink can stain your hands for a bit. Fill the syringe with ink and the go back to your cartridge. On the label, there should be a black dot. Under this dot is the fill hole. Carefully peel the sticker back and inject the ink into this hole. Try not to spill any ink since it will keep the sticker from sticking. Once you have filled it up to go ahead and put the sticker back on the cartridge.

Wait it Out

Once you have refilled the cartridge, you will need to wait several hours before using it. This is because there is a sponge inside of the cartridge and the ink needs to spread throughout it.

Compared to buying new ink cartridges refilling your old ones is a great way to save money. This method is only slightly more difficult than installing new ones but will save you a lot of money.

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