4 Questions to Ask Nationwide Movers Before You Hire Them

You have pets. You have kids. You’re transitioning to a new job. All these and more could easily make moving day a nightmare to contend with. Want to make your life easier? Hire nationwide movers in San Diego to help you out. Check out the following questions to help you pick the right crew.

Are you licensed and insured?

It’s smart to hire licensed movers, Moving says. That way, you know they have the necessary qualifications to handle the move. Be sure to check their insurance liability coverage as well. Don’t just take their word for it, though. Ask for proof.

What kind of services do you offer?

Some moving companies do more than provide long-distance moving assistance. If you want to start with the bulky items first and have time to sort them out and arrange them in your new home before you get the rest of your belongings, then look for nationwide movers in San Diego that offer storage assistance. That way, you won’t need to try to cram all your belongings into a small space. Get the room you need to design and plan your home before you have the rest of your things delivered to your doorstep.

May I ask for a list of references?

That’s a good call to make. Talking to past clients can give you a better idea of how good of a match you and your moving team are. Ask them about their experience working with the company. What kind of problems did they encounter? Will they use the company’s services again or recommend it to their friends and family? Their answers can hugely impact your hiring decision.

What’s included in the standard rate?

Know what services are included and not. That way, you can avoid incurring extra charges when you unknowingly ask for a service or type of assistance that isn’t covered.

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