4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Dallas Company with IP Phone Systems

First impressions are important, both in person and over the phone. Providing the customer with a pleasant, streamlined and efficient way to get in contact with people in your Dallas business leaves a lasting, positive first impression.

One of the most critical aspects of a positive experience is the quality of the phone system. IP phone systems, which use Voice over Internet Protocol, are highly effective at providing the services and the features required by any business. VoIP, or more commonly known as IP phones and systems are not new, but the technology continues to evolve for both receiving and making calls.


Old phone systems are difficult to manage, requiring complex installation and limitations as to where they can be installed and used in the business. With new IP phone systems and technology, these issues are eliminated, allowing these phones to be used anywhere they are required.

Intuitive to Use

The desk set for the IP phone is very similar to a traditional office phone, making it easy to use for anyone. Additionally, with the versatility and the option to connect a cell phone to the system, it allows callers to dial the office number but have a mobile device ring and be answered anywhere.

Standard to Fully Customize

Different IP phone systems offer a range of features. Basic systems offer standard features, while more advanced systems allow for full customization. This can include video conferencing, contact centers and a full desktop user interface. The potential is endless of configuring the phone to the needs of the Dallas company.

Integrates Fully

The added benefit of the IP phone is the option to integrate the phone system with CRM systems. It allows for voice messages from the one to be displayed on a computer screen, instantly allowing sales staff to look at the history of calls and even to take notes on a call during the call.

With this capacity, as well the benefits of better quality calls, more features, and greater versatility, this is definitely a phone system that will make a difference.

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