Fort Worth Businesses Benefit From Mitel Cloud Services

There are different options for phone systems for businesses, and it is essential for a Fort Worth business to stop and consider the differences and the available options.

Sometimes, it can be confusing as to the specific benefits of one type of option over another. This includes choosing a cloud-based phone service. There are several operating in the area, but the advantages of choosing Mitel cloud services make this an obvious choice.

Information As Needed

As with any type of cloud-based technology, a very important consideration is the ability to have everything needed, stored in the cloud. All authorized internet-connected devices can then access Mitel cloud services and download or utilize anything in the cloud.

This means there are no cumbersome email attachments or the need to walk around with a zip drive or with sensitive documents on laptops, tablets or smart-phones. The added security in the cloud is another benefit to consider, and one which will be valuable to any Fort Worth business.

What About Equipment?

When considering cloud-based phone system, be sure to verify the type of equipment and devices which can be used both in your business and for access to the cloud away from the business.

With the Mitel cloud services, the in-house phones will have all the features and functions of the old phone system. However, as there is no requirement for complicated equipment, all the business will need to buy is the SaaS (Software as a Service), the phones and the router. Companies will pay per user and by the month, allowing for easy scalability.

In addition, with cloud-based phone services using the Mitel cloud, companies will enjoy unlimited calling within North America. Mobile devices can be integrated into the system and, since it is cloud-based, there is built in redundancy for 100% uptime of the service.

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