4 Signs It’s Time to Repair or Replace Your AC System

Repairs can only do so much. If your air conditioning system is starting to have too many problems, it might be time you shopped around for an AC replacement in Norristown PA. Here are a few signs to help you find out if you need a repair or replacement:

Sky-high electricity bills
If you keep your AC use on the low, but you still end up with sky-high bills, it might be because your AC system is overworked. Try replacing the air filters, says This Old House. Don’t forget to clear out the dust and soot buildup along the air vents. These should help improve your unit. If it doesn’t, time to call for repair help.

Inconsistent temps
If your AC blows hot and cold, that means it’s not doing its job. It could be a faulty thermostat, clogged filters or even problems with your condensation drains and coils. Don’t try to clean out the dirt and debris, though, if you haven’t got the right tools and skills. It’s best to leave the problem to the experts so you’re sure the repairs happen without a hitch.

Shutting off on its own
If your unit is starting to shut off by itself or if it takes an extraordinarily long time before the unit turns on every time, then you might be dealing with a blown fuse. Put in a call to pros right away. If the problem is much worse than that, be ready to look for a replacement.

Noisy unit
Rattles, buzzes and other weird noises inside your unit mean something might have gotten unhinged within. Anything other than the standard hum that typically goes with AC units is suspect. If you hear any of those noises, you’d best get help from a professional right away. That way, you’ll be ready if you need to spend on repairs or a replacement. For more details, call Horizon Services.

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