Debunking the myth of pizza: understanding the origins of America’s favorite meal

It can work as a group meal of that tasty late night snack. Whatever the case, there is no denying the popularity of pizza. It originated in Italy, but it is in the US that it became popular. It is one of the most popular foods across the world, and is enjoyed by one in eight Americans every other day. If that is not mind boggling enough, then this certainly will be. The annual expenditure on pizza averages about 37 billion in the US, with customers here forming about a third of the market for pizza in the world. It has become over the years as American as any other tradition; apple pie or American football.

Greek or Italian
Some people believe it to be Italian, but research indicates that Pizza is technically Greek. Pizza came from Naples, which was a seafront city with Greek forefathers, who founded it around 600 BC. Greek settlers to the city brought with them their traditional cuisine which included flatbread dressed in olive oil, herbs and cheese. These are the earliest roots of Pizza. The biggest step taken, though, was the use of yeast to have the dough rise around about the 17th or 18th century. This gave rise to the soft and crusty rust that pizza is famous for today. It is during this time that toppings were also born, with the Greek introducing tomatoes on the pie.

The climate in Italy allows for pizza to be sold in the open, and this gave rise to the very first pizzerias. Pizza restaurants in Charleston, SC, owe their existence to this. Soon after the fame of the small, open air pizzerias, Italian/Greek immigrants took this tradition to America. As they were sold here, merchants started dividing the pies to pieces to sell at lower prices, and so the slices were born. It was the food of the day, sold in small food trucks and neighborhood restaurants. With the popularity of the suburban, family life, the contemporary pizza fit right in. It has undergone changes and as chefs continue to experiment, it has grown in stature, making it America’s favorite meal by far.

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