4 Signs You Are Talking To Top Trucking Companies In Pennsylvania

Hiring on to a new trucking company, especially if you are coming in from out of state, can be a bit of a challenge. After all, how do you know the company you are considering is one of the top trucking companies in Pennsylvania?

There are some key indicators or evaluation tools you can use to determine if you are talking to one of the top trucking companies in Pennsylvania. These are universal with companies through the United States, and the more of these you have, the better the company is with regards to professionalism, top employment opportunities, and safe driving environments.

Guaranteed Weekly Pay and Performance

Guaranteed weekly pay is not something you will see with the vast majority of trucking companies in Pennsylvania. Instead, companies will pay you per mile, which means if they don’t call you out you don’t have an income. This can be particularly difficult on new hires where senior drivers are higher on the company roster.

The trucking companies in Pennsylvania providing a weekly guarantee pay are providing their drivers with a minimum income per week. This is critical, so you can have the financial stability you need for yourself and your family.


There is so much in the way of technology in the trucking industry which can be used to make driver safety and support a priority. For instance, direct communication to dispatch while on the road is must. Satellite tracking of loads is also a benefit to drivers as you will be able to demonstrate your ability to stay on the route and to complete the route as a set.

Professionally Maintained Fleet

While small companies often take their trucks for repair, the larger trucking companies in Pennsylvania with a real focus on safety and dependability with their fleet have in-house maintenance departments.

This helps ensure the truck you have on the road is professionally serviced and maintained before you get behind the wheel. Routine company maintenance and service helps to reduce your downtime or problems on the road, boosting your performance and on-time delivery record.

Company Reputation

Talking to a few drivers or doing a quick review of trucking companies in Pennsylvania online will quickly give you an idea of the reputation of the company with past and current drivers.

While there will always be people unhappy with any company, when the number of bad experiences as drivers is low, it is a good sign you are working for one of the top driver-friendly trucking companies in Pennsylvania.

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