A Roofing Company Pittsburg Kansas Uses the Visual of Slate With a Much More Affordable Price Point

The value of slate is obvious. Slate is visually striking. It typically has this distinct and brazen silver tone that beats out classic shingles and certainly beats out on a house still using metal or rubber for some reason. Slate is one of the best options on the market and is only passed by concrete in sheer durability. Slate is also costly. Some homeowners do not have the budget set aside for raw slate materials, and slate is not very conducive for weirdly shaped roofs, higher slopes, and other common obstacles in a roof structure. The answer is plastic polymer.

What is Plastic Polymer?

A Roofing Company Pittsburg Kansas suggests plastic polymer for customers that want the striking visual design of slate without paying its price. Plastic polymer is a material derivative of slate. The shingles are crafted from a high-tech polymer grade and it mixes in recycled contents to make the price per shingle more affordable (and, of course, more environmentally conscious). Falcon Roofing uses modest recyclable content in many of the roofing types to keep customer costs fair.

Benefits to Plastic Polymer over Slate

The most obvious benefit is the cost, but it does not end there. A Roofing Company Pittsburg Kansas, also reinforces the lightness of the material. It is made from plastic mixes, so the weight per shingle is far less. This makes it only moderately durable and resistant to storms, unlike slate which is notorious for its storm durability. It is also a lot heavier, which makes the installation pricier. Plastic polymer, like almost any plastic, it stalls fire growth. It does not conduct or help spread fire in any way.

Knock-off Gucci bags can do everything a real Gucci bag can do. It is all a matter of perspective. Some people want the authority of wearing what they know is a real version. Others are more than happy to indulge in options that mimic the type that is well known. Plastic polymer has the same type of association. The key difference is that plastic polymer actually functions a little better, and the trade-off is taking on what is a fully manufactured mix instead of the real hand-crafted stone.

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