4 Things to Consider Before You Book That Car Storage

Whether you’re going away on vacation or simply want to put your car in storage for the season, here are a few things you should consider:

Pick a good location

Look for car storage in Scottsdale AZ that is easily accessible to you. That way, you can swing by and retrieve your car from storage with ease. It’s also a good move to pick a facility that’s near any major roads for easy and hassle-free access. If you need to go on a trip and pick your car on the way, then that’s going to make for a very convenient solution.

Check the facility

Never choose a facility based on site photos alone. You’ll want to pay a visit to the facility yourself. Are there concrete floors or will they put your car in storage in a barn with bare earth? The first option is ideal while the second is not. Exposure to excessive moisture could take a toll on your car, says Wheels. You’ll want to prevent that from happening by checking the facility beforehand before you make a decision.

Look for reviews

Reviews and ratings online lets you know what other customers think about the company. Are the reviews overwhelmingly good or bad? The feedback will help steer you in the right direction.

Wash and clean

If you’re planning to put your car in storage, it would be a smart policy to have your vehicle washed and fully detailed. This step ensures that there are zero contaminants left on your car’s surfaces. If your tires are muddy or if there’s dirt and dust on your car, these could all hurt your paint job or the condition of your tires. If you want your car to be in tip-top shape when you pick it up, then don’t skip this step.

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