Benefits Of Welded Hydraulic Cylinders For OEMs

by | Jun 8, 2018 | Machinery and Tools

Developing new equipment, including heavy-duty trucks and agricultural machinery through to construction equipment and earth movers require durable and rugged components throughout the design.

The same is true for automated production systems, for processing equipment or for any other types of machinery. For equipment that has to lift, pull or move, hydraulic cylinders and systems are some of the most durable and reliable options possible, even in extreme use conditions.

Tie Rod and Welded Cylinder Differences

When choosing a hydraulic cylinder for any new machinery, equipment or system, there are two basic design options. One possibility is tie rod hydraulic cylinders, and the other is welded hydraulic cylinders.

The two caps or ends of the cylinder are either welded to the cylinder body, or they are attached with tie rods. These tie rods run outside of the cylinder and bolt through the caps at either end, holding the components in place. With most lighter duty cylinders there are four rods, but there can be any number of rods required based on the weight the cylinder is designed to handle.

The Benefits Of Welded Designs

The most obvious benefit to the welded hydraulic cylinders is the more streamlined shape and dimensions. This allows for the cylinder to easily fit into a smaller space, an important consideration for many new designs.

However, with the use of welded hydraulic cylinders, seals tend to last longer, and there is less risk of damage to the seals even in extreme working conditions. The structure of the cylinder also makes it easy to remove the piston rod for maintenance and service work as needed.

They are, by nature of their design, easier to customize, with the option to locate the ports on the barrel to accommodate for any design considerations. While they may be more costly to make initially, their longer life cycle and design advantages certainly give them the edge in most applications.

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