4 Things to Do Before You Call a Technician for Refrigerator Repair

A good refrigerator will last you for years. However, if your fridge starts showing problems, it may be time to call for refrigerator repair in Metairie to get much-needed help and assistance. Consider the following things before you put in a call to a technician.

Factor in the configuration and age

It’s often difficult to know whether a repair or replacement will do. But if you have built-in refrigerators, you should consider repairs. If you have a side-by-sides unit, then consider repairing the unit for the first five years. After that, it’s going to depend on the condition of your unit. Bottom-freezers should be repaired if it’s within the first seven years while top-freezers can be considered for repairs within a three-year to a six-year window.

Check your food

If your food is going off before it’s use-by date, then there’s something wrong with your food. Food that’s turning stale much too soon is a sign that your fridge is having problems keeping temperature, TechTalk says. That could mean a faulty thermostat or dirty condenser coils. Both are easy problems to deal with. Call for a pro for refrigerator repair in Metairie to get that sorted out before your food bill goes any higher.

Monitor your bills

If your energy consumption bills are on the rise, then it could be caused by a problematic freezer. Get pros to check out your unit to determine if that’s the problem or if there are other factors that contribute to the spike in your bills. Don’t wait too long to get help, though. Putting off that call may lead to bigger problems and costs.

Watch out for frost buildup

While it’s normal for a fridge to be cold, if you have a winter wonderland inside your fridge, that’s a sign of trouble. Get a technician to check it out before it affects your food.

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