4 Things to Inspect on Your Parking Lot After Winter

Now that the weather is warming up for most of the country, one thing that all property owners must do is inspect the newly-uncovered lots. While the snow and ice were piling up, unseen damage could have been happening or getting worse in the parking lot paving. In order to stop any damage from getting worse, a thorough inspection is a very good idea. Here are four things to inspect on your parking lot this spring:

  • Find any cracks or holes that you know were there before. Check them carefully for signs that they got worse. If water was able to seep through the cracks to the sub-base, there’s a good chance a pothole could form if this isn’t sealed up fast.
  • Find any new holes, cracks or divots in the parking lot pavement. Snow plows often cause new holes or divots in the pavement as they scrape up winter weather, so this is something really important to check for very carefully. Any holes or emerging cracks should be sealed quickly to protect anyone walking or driving through the lot.
  • Inspect the lot’s overall evenness. This is very important for a safe parking lot. Uneven asphalt can cause pedestrians to trip, can damage vehicles, and so much more. All of this spells out liability for you. Patching or grinding down certain areas can help even out a parking lot that is just mildly uneven.
  • Inspect the lot for any proactive steps you can take to prevent future damage. In the winter, services like asphalt fills or coating aren’t available. Now that the weather has warmed up, consider taking this extra step in order to extend the life of the lot and reduce maintenance costs in the future.

At G-FORCE Parking Lot Line Striping, we offer consultations that can do all of these inspections for you. Whether you are in the market for a long-term management service that will always keep your lot looking great, or you just want to give your lot a quick spring once-over to keep it in great shape after a hard winter, we are happy to help. Contact us today to find out how our team’s 30 years of experience can be put to good use keeping your lot in good shape. We offer a fast, free quote when you contact us online at gogforce.com. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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