4 Tips for Choosing a Quality Vet Clinic

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For pet owners seeking the best possible care for their pets, it can be a confusing process. What sets one vet clinic apart from another? Why would you choose one particular veterinary office over another if they have a similar range of services? Below, we’ll cover four of the most important tips for choosing a quality vet clinic.

They’re Comfortable

When you choose a doctor to treat your own conditions, you look for a professional with a good bedside manner, meaning someone that you’re comfortable with, and that you trust. The same considerations apply with finding a vet clinic for your pet. Of course, your pet cannot speak verbally to tell you that they trust one particular vet over another, but you can observe how they act in the office. Your pet should be calm and comfortable with the vet.

Consider the Staff

When choosing a quality vet clinic, it’s important that you meet the staff. This applies to the veterinarian at the clinic, but also to other staff members, including assistants and receptionists, the clinic manager, technicians, and others. By meeting and getting to know the staff, you can get a feel for the quality of the clinic and how your pet will be cared for. Based on this, you can make an informed decision.


Do a little research on each vet clinic you’re considering. Find out what their reputation is like – are they good with pets in their care? Do the owners trust the assistants and vet? Are they transparent about the costs involved with treatment or care provided? These are just a few of the questions you’ll want to answer before choosing a clinic to care for your pet.

Treatment Options

The most important element in choosing the right vet clinic for your pet is the range of treatment options available. You should certainly have access to all necessary conventional treatments, and mandatory vaccinations, including rabies. However, you should also consider access to holistic treatments, such as chiropractic care, acupuncture, vitamin therapy and more. These treatments provide a way to address the actual underlying problem causing the symptoms. Holistic treatments offer gentle, effective relief of everything from back and joint pain to skin conditions, stress and anxiety, and can help ensure your pet has a much higher quality of life than would otherwise be possible.

At Holistic Veterinary Healing, our sole goal is to ensure that your pets have the love and care they deserve. We invite you call us today at 240-715-6570 to learn more about our services and treatments. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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