How Commercial Space Paint Colors Can Affect Your Business

It’s time to paint your business interior, and your color selection can have a huge effect on everyone in the building. In fact, this decision can increase or decrease your company efficiency more than most business owners realize. Experienced painters in Bothell understand the psychology of colors on the job and their commercial space painting services can be invaluable. Here are some reasons why.


Painting professionals like the people at Rite Painting understand the importance of using three colors and the 60-30-10 rule. Here is how it works:

* The dominant room color should cover about 60 percent of the painted space

* Choose one secondary color for the next 30 percent.

* An accent color should only cover ten percent of the space.

It’s important that your three colors work well together. If they clash, then it could make people feel uncomfortable in your building.

Bold and Bright?

Recent studies show bold colors may not be best for office workers. In fact, when painters use softer colors like pale blue or green, it can enhance energy levels, especially as the day wears on. Yet, if you run a gym or exercise facility, bold and bright colors like yellow and red can give customers that added “energy boost” that they need, and make them feel better.

What about White?

In some home spaces, white is a good choice to make the room look bigger. However, in many work areas, it can present the cold and sterile appearance of an institution, and this is not conducive to many work environments.


It’s important to use your company colors and still have an attractive environment. Your interior painters are there to make sure you have the best of both worlds, and they offer a 7 Year Material AND Labor Warranty.

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