4 Warning Signs That You May Need to Replace or Repair Your Furnace in Toledo OH

Many homeowners do not give much thought to their heating and cooling equipment until the peak seasons when they really need their system to bring comfort in their homes come. Just like any other appliance at home, a Furnace in Toledo OH breaks down and has a lifespan. They also give telltale signs of the pending need for repair or replacement. All you need to do is to look out for these 4 warning signs that your furnace may be failing-;the right time to call in an HVAC technician.

Your furnace is 15 plus years old

In general, a furnace has a lifespan of about 15-20 years. You can check the age of your unit on the label for an installation date or look a pilot light. If you happen to find the pilot, then it means that your furnace is probably 25 plus old. So instead of waiting for inevitable failure of your furnace, it is good that you schedule for a replacement.

Spiked utility bills

An old and a poorly maintained furnace can foster skyrocketing energy bills. Malfunctioned heating equipment simply cost more to maintain the temperature to the desired level in your home. Replacing the equipment will be the best choice and will always pay for itself in energy savings.

Your furnace needs constant thermostat adjusting

If you find yourself adjusting the thermostat every now and then to control the varying temperatures from room to room, it is possible that the furnace isn’t distributing heat properly and equally. This is a sign of a failing furnace or probably poor ventilation planning. When this happens, you should call in a professional HVAC technician to find the cause of the problem and fix it.

Making strange noises

If your furnace is making pops, bangs, rattles, creaks, and squeals sounds that are associated with the furnace blower, then it is time to repair the furnace.

If the above 4 signs sound identical with what you are experiencing with your Furnace in Toledo OH, then it is high time that you call in professionals from Atlas Heating Co for replacement or repair. They have enough experience in installing, maintaining and repairing all types of furnaces. For more information and to access their services. You can alos visit their Google+ profile.

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