5 Common DIY Roofing Mistakes

Nothing lasts forever, and in time, you’ll have to think about replacing the roof on your house. You can call a licensed roofing contractor in Prince George’s County MD, or you might try to tackle this project on your own. If you insist on a DIY roofing job, you’ll want to avoid these five common mistakes that inexperienced roofers often make.

1. Starter Shingles

The first step for installing new shingles involves laying a starter row at the edge of the roof. You need to use special starter shingles with no gaps or lay the first-row upside down. If you fail to properly install starter rows, moisture can penetrate your shingles through the cutouts or gaps.

2. Shingle Nailing

Nail placement is essential for proper roofing installation. In fact, a licensed roofing contractor in Prince George’s County MD makes sure nails are placed in the right locations and not above the sealing strip. Also, if you live in a high wind area, your shingles should have six instead of the usual four nails per shingle. Improper nailing can cause tearing and roof failures.

3. Vents

It’s easier to roof over old vents but, this can cause some major ventilation issues. Your roof needs to breathe, and if you cover old vents with wood and shingles, it will attract moisture in your attic.

4. Flashing

An inexperienced roofer may install flashing over top of the shingles, and this is not the right way to do it. If flashing isn’t installed underneath shingles, you could have a major leak on your hands.

5. Doing the Work Yourself

If the average homeowner makes one mistake, it can cost him thousands of dollars in roofing repairs in the coming years. When you hire a licensed roofing contractor in Prince George’s County MD, your shingles are properly installed and guaranteed for many years.

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