What to Look For In A Tension Indicator

Tension controllers are essential for those who operate heavy-duty web machinery. A tension indicator is also important. It monitors the web or strips tension for your continuous processing lines. Today’s market has several different types of devices and a vast array of models vying for your business. Before choosing, know what to look for. This will make it more likely you will select an indicator capable of optimal performance within your processing system.

The Wish List

Every company has a wish list – a catalog of desirable qualities. Generally, they want an indicator that does much more than precisely and accurately monitors the strip or web tension. They want a device that

  • Can monitor total tension or that applied to each tension transducer
  • Includes an easy-to-read meter
  • Offers a meter in whatever tension calibration you want e.g. pounds, newtons, kilograms
  • Has a range of measurement that adjusts to most applications
  • Provides an isolated DC feedback signal to a PLC, drive system, or system controller
  • Has a power source that operates more than a single tension transducer
  • Can modify the system easily and effectively to match your demands
  • Has an adjustable trip point
  • Is able to interface with PLC, PC, or DC/AC or servo drives
  • Offers compatibility with diverse load cells including strain gauge
  • Must be easy to install, operate and maintain

In addition, the tension indicator needs to be seated within a durable, self-contained enclosure e.g. console, cabinet. Such containers must offer protection from dirt and other contaminants. Moreover, options must include wall or pedestal mountings

Finding the Optimal Tension Indicator

Tension indicators are an important component of operating a safe and accurate tension control system. Increasingly, technology is improving the capabilities of a tension indicator to operate optimally. This can increase the difficulty in finding the indicator that reflects the needs of your company. Do your research and be well informed before you make a decision.

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