5 Things That Tell You Your Brakes are Going Bad

Brake problems are a potential safety hazard. Imagine cruising highways at great speed when your brakes pick that moment to fail. Think you can by putting that visit to a repair shop off until you’re good and ready? You might want to road-testing that assumption, unless you want to find yourself in trouble behind the wheel.

Read on to know common brake problems that tell you it’s time to swing by a trustworthy technician for brake repair in Euless TX.

Soft brake pedal

If your brake is soft or spongy, that could be because of air in your brake lines, says Dummies. If it’s sinking to the floor of the car, though, that could be because of a compromised cylinder.

Shaking steering wheel

Does your steering wheel shake or vibrate whenever you step on your brakes? Then you could have faulty disc brakes in your car. You’ll need to go to an experienced and reputable mechanic for brake repair in Euless TX right away.

Pulsating brake pedal

If this happens, that could be because of too much lateral run-out. This is typically what happens when your brakes overheat because of overuse. If you’re a fan of sudden stops, you might want to consider improving on your braking habits to help ease the strain on your brake system. That or you’ll need to replace components in the system much more frequently.

Squeals and grinding noise

Those are dead giveaways that your brake linings are all worn through. No worries, though. Simply drive to a service center and have everything worn or damaged replaced. That should help get your brake system back up and running in no time.

Bouncing car

Does your car bounce when you pull to a stop? That might not be a brake problem. Have a mechanic check out your shock absorbers instead.

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