Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer

If you have been in a car accident where there are injuries and significant damages you should consult with a lawyer. A seasoned Waukegan car accident lawyer can assist you in getting compensation for the losses you incurred and deal with the paperwork on your behalf. Knowing the right time to hire a car accident lawyer can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.

Why do you a need a lawyer?

With everyone being covered by insurance, why would it be necessary to involve a lawyer? In the event the accident is little more than a “fender bender” and there are no injuries, in the majority of cases there is no need for the involvement of lawyers, in cases like this the vehicle owners can simply deal with the insurance companies direct. This is not the case however when there are injuries or fatalities. In cases like this a Waukegan car accident lawyer is almost a must.

An experienced lawyer can work to ensure that you are fully compensated for your expenses; medical bills, lost wages, vehicle repair or replacement, etc.

When should you hire a lawyer?

When the circumstances are such that you need a lawyer, hiring one sooner rather than later is better; in this way there will be no mistakes made that can jeopardize your position. There is a deadline for filing a claim but don’t wait for that, engage a lawyer long before the insurance company starts to make offers in return for your agreement to drop any court action. Your lawyer can help you get a far better settlement than the insurance company will offer.

Paying your lawyer:

A car accident lawyer will take your case based on contingency. This simply means that your lawyer will pursue the case on your behalf and, once he or she wins a settlement, the legal fee comes from that. In the event you lose the case, the lawyer does not get paid.

If you have been involved in a car accident where there were injuries and extensive damage you should hire a Waukegan car accident lawyer. For a no cost evaluation of your case you are welcome to contact the Shea Law Group. Follow us on google+.

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