6 Easy Rules to Working with a Realtor

by | Oct 3, 2017 | Real Estate

Shopping for homes in Shearwater is much easier with a real estate agent. Here are easy rules to ensure you and your realtor work well together:

Find the right one

A great working relationship will start by finding the right realtor. Look for someone with considerable expertise and insight in the local property market. Does the realtor have experience in buying property that’s on your mind? The right realtor can make a difference in the quality of your search results.

Be specific

Provide as many helpful details as you can when it comes to the kind of property or home you want. That’s going to help your agent find homes in Shearwater that fit the bill.

Communicate clearly

It’s important that you and your realtor be on the same page. Do the best you can to communicate all your preferences in advance to avoid bad listing options. If the realtor isn’t responsive to your calls or takes too much time in sending replies, it might be better to go for help elsewhere.

Set realistic goals

While it’s understandable to put a time frame on how long the search will be, make sure you’re setting realistic expectations for your agent, says The Balance.

Review and understand

Don’t just sign the contract. Ask your realtor to review the terms and conditions for you. An experienced agent will know what to look for in terms of loopholes so have time to ask for revisions or modifications to the agreement before you sign.

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