Dispelling Misconceptions About a Bail Bond Company in Midwest City, Oklahoma

Some people have misconceptions about what the responsibility of a bail bond company in Midwest City, Oklahoma actually is. They may believe this company puts area residents at risk of more criminal activity because the bonds service bails people out of jail. But judges and the court system set bail amounts, not bonds services.

The Purpose of Bail

Technically, the setting of a bail amount is not intended to force a person to stay in jail until trial or until the matter is settled another way. It is only to create a financial incentive for this defendant to appear at all court dates. If they do not, the bail amount that was paid is forfeited.

The Reality of Bail

In reality, the bail amount does keep many people in jail for weeks or months, even though they have not been convicted of a crime. The system has many standard bail amounts, for instance, such as $500 for the charge of a certain offense. But not everyone has $500 or can borrow it, and not everyone has collateral to cover that amount.

These individuals need help from a bail bond company in Midwest City, Oklahoma. In exchange for a small percentage of the bail to this company they receive their freedom and the court receives a surety bond guaranteeing the defendant will not flee.

Fundamental Flaws

Licensed bail bond providers are proud of what they do, functioning as an essential component of the U.S. legal system that many people feel is fundamentally flawed. A 2016 Huffington Post article reports that up to 70% of jail inmates have not been convicted of a crime and are waiting there for trial. Some are held without bail after a judge deemed them to be a flight risk, but many simply cannot afford the payment.

Research is being conducted on allowing defendants their freedom without having to pay any bail, and the results have been promising. The vast majority show up for their court dates as required. Until bail reform becomes more widespread, many people will still rely on a company such as Ken Boyer Bail Bonds. click here to get help.