7 Quick Tips for Designing Winning Trade Show Banners

When you are preparing for a big event, one of the things you always want is to make your trade show banner stands draw in the crowds. Designing winning Trade Show banners can be challenging, but it’s worth it in the end. Here are seven tips we’ve picked up throughout our years helping businesses stand out at trade show events.

  • Display Your Logo and Name: Many companies believe that downplaying their logo and company name is the best way to keep it classy, but you do want people to see that it’s you from far off. Be sure they remember your name and logo by placing these things in prominent spots on your banners.
  • Stunning Graphics: Having beautiful graphics that tell a visual story without anything else necessary is a must.
  • Headlines Set the Tone: A clear and concise headline on your trade show banner stands is vital for ensuring that passers-by understand your message right off the bat.
  • Go for Quality: If your budget is limited, it is much better to get a few quality banners, rather than many banners of lower quality.
  • Create Drama with Simplicity: You have just a few seconds to attract attention as people walk by you at a trade show event. Go for something very simple that catches their eye and allows them to understand you immediately for the most dramatic effect.
  • Pick Your Strongest Points: If you try to explain all your product features all at once on your banners, you will overwhelm those walking by. Pick out the strongest features, and then add an enticing “And more” message to get passers-by asking questions.
  • Include Ways to Find You: Finally, be sure that your banners include all the ways that people can find you, including social media handles, website address, a phone number, and any other contact information you have. Remember that most consumers these days would rather contact you online than via phone.

When you are designing a banner, it is common that the design goes through several iterations before you approve the final look for the event. Be sure that you carefully check the final design before your event, so that all the information is correct. With these seven tips, you’ll have beautiful banners that are sure to grab attention. To learn more or to get started with your banners, contact New York Banner Stands at 1-000-000-0000.