Cremation In Milford OH Is Cost-Effective And Convenient

When an individual does not have thousands of dollars to spend on a traditional funeral, Cremation in Milford OH is an easier option. Cremation is an easier option when an individual has to determine what to do with a loved one’s body after death and is more environmentally friendly than traditional embalming and burial in the ground. Packages for cremation can be purchased online and at an individual’s convenience in their own home.

Traditional funeral services can cost $10,000 or more, without including a burial plot in a cemetery. Cremation can cost less than $800 and includes placement of the remains at a cemetery or arboretum. Choosing cremation can take the financial burden off the surviving family or an individual who wants to pre-plan their funeral arrangements.


One of the best gifts an individual can give to their family is pre-planning final services. An individual can choose and pay for a package online that includes removal of a deceased individual from their place of death to the crematory and transfer of the ashes to the Spring Grove Cemetery or Communal Inurnment area. Family members always have the option of picking up the cremated remains.

If the family is unable to pick up the remains, they can be packaged and mailed to a family member for an additional fee.

Place Of Death

If an individual passes away in a healthcare facility, the staff can call the crematory directly with the doctor’s information to move the body to the crematory’s care. If the death was expected and the individual passed away at home, at the hospital, nursing home, or hospice that was providing care, the doctor needs to be contacted before a loved one can be removed for Cremation in Milford OH. If the death was unexpected, 911 should be contacted immediately.

The coroner will have to determine if the death was natural or suspicious. When this is complete, the remains can be picked up by the crematory.

Cremation is an affordable solution for an end-of-life decision. If you have lost a loved one and are interested in an affordable option for burial, cremation should be considered.

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