8 Benefits of Keeping Warm with a Gas Insert Fireplace

When the weather gets chilly, there are few things more comforting or luxurious than cozying up to a fireplace in your home. But if owning and operating your fireplace seems to be too much of a hassle, there are options out there beyond your traditional wood-and-flame model. A gas insert fireplace might be worth looking into if you’re considering something different, and here are eight reasons why:

1. Simple installation.

Professionals can easily install your gas insert by running a gas line into your existing fireplace.

2. Ease of use.

With a gas fireplace, all you’ll need to do to get it started is simply press a button. There’s no more need to purchase or chop wood or get a fire started.

3. Go greener.

The Environmental Protection Agency says that traditional wood burning fireplaces create air pollution, and also have a very high rate of fine particle emissions, which can be hazardous to your health.

4. Energy efficiency.

When you use a traditional wood-burning fireplace, the chimney draft can pull most of the hot air up and out—even from other rooms in your house. If you’re using another heating system in tandem with your fireplace, you might wind up racking up energy bills to keep your whole house warm.

5. No cleanup.

Since a gas fireplace doesn’t use wood, you won’t have to spend time tidying up piles of ashes and creosote.

6. No sparks.

You won’t have to worry about pesky and potentially hazardous sparks and flyaways escaping your fireplace.

7. Even, constant heat.

Since you won’t be starting your own fire with flame and wood, you’ll ever have to deal with a weak and lackluster flame again, or a fire that gets too large. A one-touch button and gas flame ensures that the heat will be even and constant, no matter how long you use the fireplace for.

8. Modern style.

Gas fireplaces come in a variety of attractive, modern styles, and can even contain polished stones instead of wood. It’s easy to browse or look for the advice of a professional to find a design that will best complement your existing décor.

Overall, you can see that the numerous advantages are clear. A gas fireplace from a professional might be a viable option for your home if you’re concerned about any of the above points, or even if you’re just simply interested in changing your style.

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