Furniture shopping can feel overwhelming, and the abundance of furniture stores doesn’t help. Especially in more populated cities like Chicago, furniture stores seem to be everywhere. If you are looking for the best furniture store in Chicago, start by looking for quality products. Solid wood furniture is typically a better purchase than furniture made with veneers or composite wood because it looks more luxurious and can last longer. Excellent furniture will most often have legs that are sturdy and jointed to the frame rather than nailed. A higher quality piece of furniture will usually have an even finish without bubbles or obvious brush strokes. If the furniture has cushions, they should be well-shaped and full with unobtrusive seams. Reversible cushions are preferable to cushions with a different backing because cushions can last much longer and wear more evenly if they are frequently flipped over.

Personally Inspect the Product

At the best furniture store in Chicago, the sales people should be willing to let you examine the products. It is often preferable to do furniture shopping in person rather than online, as it can be difficult to determine the quality of a product from a picture or description. When looking at a piece of furniture, there are a few specific things to watch for. If there are any drawers or cabinets in the furniture you are inspecting, open and examine them to make sure they pull all the way out, shut evenly and latch properly. Any handles or knobs should be correctly attached and not wiggle or spin. Before purchasing any cushioned furniture, make sure to remove the cushions and push down on the base to verify that the coils immediately bounce back into place. It can also be a good idea to look for loose screws and unprotected springs. Any details or buttons on the furniture should be securely attached and there should be no signs of peeling paint or bubbling in the finish.

Don’t Overpay

Luxurious furniture doesn’t have to be out of your price range. There are places that sell quality pieces at discounted prices. Many designer furniture companies will have a surplus of inventory that will be passed along to other vendors at a much lower cost. Some furniture stores will negotiate prices to help save you money. The best furniture store in Chicago should be able to drop the price in order to earn your business.

The best furniture store in Chicago may be closer than you think. Since furniture is an investment and should last awhile, make sure you don’t settle for an inferior product or pay inflated prices. You will find quality combined with fair pricing at the best furniture store in Chicago.