A Bail Bond Agent in Midwest City Oklahoma Helps When Money Is Short

The setting of a bail amount for an arrested person is intended to ensure that the individual appears for the scheduled court date. If the person pays bail, is released and does show up, the bail amount is refunded. If the individual cannot afford to pay bail, he or she stays in jail. If a judge believes a suspect is a flight risk, this judge may not set bail at all. Another possibility is the judge setting bail so high it is entirely unaffordable. A Bail Bond Agent in Midwest City Oklahoma can help when a person charged with a crime cannot pay bail. This is a relatively common situation, as people who don’t earn much money may be unable to pay even small bail amounts. Their friends and relatives may not be able to help out either, yet they do not want their loved one to sit in jail for weeks, or even months, while awaiting trial.

A Bail Bond Agent in Midwest City Oklahoma area provides a surety bond to the court instead of cash. The surety bond guarantees that the full bail amount will be paid by the bonds service if the person flees. Of course, the bonds service doesn’t just pony up the cash. The service puts forth substantial energy to track down the person who left town, which may include hiring a bounty hunter. This is important to understand; a bail bond is not a “get out of jail free” card that allows the person to run away if he or she is afraid of being found guilty.

The Bail Bond Agent receives a percentage of the bail as a fee in return for providing the surety bond. A service such as Ken Boyer Bail Bonds offers financing for this amount with no interest if the customer cannot even afford that percentage. Not everyone will qualify, depending on factors such as credit history, length of current employment and ties to the community. The agent must be reasonably certain that the amount will be paid within a timely manner. Even if someone isn’t sure the application will be accepted, it is worth making the effort to see if anything can be done to help.