Decrease Liability Risks with Document Management Services

All businesses have a legal obligation to keep confidential and personal information safe and secure. That can include medical and financial information, names, addresses, telephones numbers, invoices, and receipts. Shredding documents is the quickest way to do that, but shredding in-house can increase liability risks for any business. Information can be seen by several employees before it can be shredded. Some companies has a bin that confidential information goes into while waiting for personnel to have time to feed it into the shredder. That means all that information is exposed and can be lost, copied, or stolen.

Shredding materials in-house is also costly because it requires equipment and time. Depending on how much information the business generates, it could take hours to shred it all. Document Management Services from professional shredding companies can save businesses time and money, as well as decrease the risk of liability. There is no equipment to purchase and secured bins are provided by the company. When it is time for the material to be collected, a Client Care Specialist (CCS)arrives at the business location in a fully equipped Mobile Destruction Units (MDU). Each bin has a bar code that is scanned as the material is placed into a secure cart. Once all the bins are emptied, the material is destroyed at the MDU. A business representative and the CCS observe the destruction via cameras inside the unit.

Immediately after destruction is complete, a Shredding Certificate is printed out and signed by the representative and the CCS. This document has much more detail than the Certificate of Destruction offered by other companies. The certificate provides information such as which bins were emptied, how much material was in each one, and the signatures of both parties who witnessed the process. That proves due diligence for regulation compliance regarding confidential information. Destruction of hard drives and electronic documents are also offered. Do not risk high liability when services are quick and cost-effective.

Schedules can be customized to meet the business needs and keep costs down. If a business generates little material, for example, the collection can be arranged for every eight weeks. Large bins can be placed at businesses where a lot of confidential information needs to accommodate those needs as well.

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