A Beginner’s Guide to Boot Camp and its Body Benefits

Not quite sure what your first boot camp class will be like? Well, look no further than this beginner’s guide for all of your calorie burning and muscle toning questions. Boot camp workouts were specifically designed to be high-intensity programs that push you beyond your usual physical and mental limits, boost your body confidence, quickly burn needless calories, as well as sculpt and tone muscles with strength training precision. Not only that, boot camp workouts are guaranteed to wow you with their never-a-dull-moment challenges. In fact, the list of benefits is nearly endless! Now, check out these helpful tips for your boot camp Markham, ON class:

Hydrate, But Don’t OVERhydrate!

Make sure to drink water before your class. Just don’t drink too much! You certainly don’t want a belly full of water as you move around. As with any workout class, keep a water bottle with you.

Let Your Positive Attitude Shine

A can-do attitude will help you push through your workout more than you might realize. Even though it may be tough, always start off any class with a fresh start and a positive vibe.

Stay in the Routine Moment

Yes, it can be hard to stay focused on the routine, especially when it’s new. But, if you’re busy concentrating on how you’re dying to quit, then chances are you may get injured. Bring your attention to the present moment, breathe, and distract yourself with your trainer’s voice.

Just Keep Breathing

Don’t hold your breath. Keep the breath cycle flowing throughout your exercises and actively engage your abdominal muscles and back. Breathing properly also draws your focus into the activity and helps you perform the movement properly.

Keep That Body Moving

Whatever you do, just make sure you don’t stop! Stopping an exercise abruptly encourages DOMS (delay of muscle soreness). If you can’t keep up, just keep moving.

For further information on a boot camp in Markham, ON contact CrossFit Markham or visit their website at Sitename.