It’s an appalling statistic that almost a third of all births in the United States are cesarean births. The rate is far too high, and not reflective of first-time mothers at low risk when delivering their first child. Yet nearly one primipara out of four will deliver her child via cesarean when there is no medical reason or risk to the mother from vaginal delivery. Women have been sold for decades ongoing to a hospital to deliver their baby, and assuming that the medical staff knows best. Yet New Jersey is one of the states with the highest C-section rates in the nation. At some hospitals the C-section rate nearly hits 50 percent.

There is an Alternative

Holistic pregnancy service and holistic childbirth is a rapidly growing alternative to the medicalization of pregnancy. Holistic medicine puts an emphasis on treating the entire patient, including their mind and spirit. Women who are supported by a doula are less likely to need anesthesia, be induced, or give birth by C-section. The more information women have about their options from the beginning of pregnancy, the more confident they can be about becoming mothers. Holistic pregnancy services include classes in nutrition, breast-feeding, stages of labor, working out a birth plan, and much more.

If you’re planning to become pregnant, or if you are already pregnant, look at all your options before you decide on a hospital. Pregnancy should not mean invasive surgeries when other options are available. Having holistic care throughout your pregnancy is a viable medical option. Even with high-risk pregnancies, the presence of a doula at the birth can be comforting and supportive to the mother and her partner. Investigate and decide for yourself what type of birth experience you want to have, and Holistic Beginnings will help you get there.