One of—if not the most—frustrating elements of dating is, of course, finding a match. Dating can evoke a variety of different responses from different people, but whether you’re the most libertine of individuals who loves the intrigue and excitement of going on date after date with people of “your type”, or you’re still looking for that someone special, hiring the help of an experienced matchmaker can be real gamechangers.

Here, then, are a few things to consider when using a matchmaking service.

Accepting Help

In the same way that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, a matchmaking service can only help you as much as you let it. We all have a few flaws here or there that we overlook. Accepting dating help from a service not only increases your odds of finding a match, but also of making that next match work long-term.

The Power of Personality

Looks, interests, professions—they’re all variables we look at when checking someone out. That said, the most powerful attractive force in forging a new relationship is the power of personality. Every great matchmaking service knows this, and they will work to find matches for you which both complement and challenge your personality. This generates discussion and, thus, increases your chance for a longer-lasting bond and sustain your relationship.

For example, it’s a well-worn cliché that opposites attract. Still, in an age where a professional matchmaker can pair us within 99% similarity to another person, it’s easy to forget that true relationships arise in part from accepting and even improving another person—warts, wrinkles, flaws, and all.

Match up beautifully with your dream person vetted for you and introduced by your private and confident matchmaker