A Bicycle Accident Attorney in Bowie, MD Knows the Many Causes of Vehicle-Bike Collisions

A Bicycle Accident Attorney in Bowie MD helps clients who were injured by vehicle drivers while cycling. Lawyers who handle accident cases for injured clients usually work on a contingency basis, meaning they do not require retainer fees or ongoing fees for their work. They receive a percentage of the settlement or court award once the case wraps up. This makes it possible for injured people to have professional legal representation when they could not have afforded it otherwise.

Common Scenarios

About one-third of bicycle accidents involve a collision with a vehicle. These incidents happen in numerous ways. Sometimes, a driver doesn’t see the cyclist ahead and strikes the bike from behind. Sometimes, a driver doesn’t notice a cyclist moving forward in a bike lane with a green light and makes a left or right turn that causes an accident. Turning right without signaling when a bicyclist is moving along on the right side can result in a collision as well. Another scenario involves someone in the car opening a door just as the cyclist comes alongside the vehicle.

Possible Causes

Riding a bicycle brings some inherent risks, which is why riders are encouraged to wear helmets and follow all rules of the road. Nevertheless, drivers of passenger cars and pickup trucks are often the cause of accidents with these individuals not the cyclists. They may be in too much of a hurry, distracted, or simply not watching traffic as closely as they should.

The Work of the Attorney

Bicyclists can be seriously hurt in these incidents. A Bicycle Accident Attorney in Bowie MD reviews police records and interviews any eyewitnesses who are available. Reconstruction of the accident scene by an expert also supports the injured person’s case. Every detail is examined.

When it’s clear the cyclist was acting in a legal and responsible manner and was still injured by a vehicle driver, a fair settlement should be paid promptly. The vehicle driver should be considered negligent, and the insurance company should be held accountable. An organization such as The Valente Law Group can help make this happen. Visit our website to arrange a free consultation.

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