Three Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Mental Health EMR Software


Technology has come a long way and has completely changed how businesses keep track of things. Now, everything about a customer can be accessed across numerous stores and platforms. This could not be truer than in the medical field. If you are using an outdated Mental Health EMR Software, an upgrade could be just what you need. There are so many reasons to upgrade, including: intake and admissions, billing, and managing medication.

How EMR Software Helps with Admissions and Intake

When bringing in a new patient who needs help, having the ability to quickly obtain the right paperwork and remove blue tape out of the way makes the transition much easier. Managing patients electronically provides you with the information that you still need for the patient when they are on the way. The same goes for admitting a patient for care. If you aren’t expecting the patient when they come in, having an electronic system allows you admit them quickly and efficiently.

Billing and Managing Medication

When it comes to billing for medical needs, there are so many things to remember. With everything from additional care to insurance options, having a Mental Health EMR Software that helps you input patient information quickly and efficiently is ideal. Billing becomes as simple as a few clicks of the mouse and everything is set! Managing medication in a medical facility can be quite the task – this is especially true if more than one doctor is treating a single patient. Having the ability to look up the correct dosage, refills, and frequency in the computer is truly helpful. Managing this information electronically will ensure that patients are receiving the right medications.

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