A Family Lawyer in Poulsbo WA can Help After a Divorce

During a bad marriage, many women end up in the dark as to their finances because of a spouse’s ‘need’ to control the money in the relationship. A woman in this situation may not know about accounts her spouse has opened, or how much money is available. Learning about this part of married life can help women save money on making changes to a divorce settlement or hiring an accountant. In this article, about-to-be-divorced women can get some tips on recovering financially after the divorce.

Ask an Accountant

An accountant can do much more than file tax returns -; they can help a woman evaluate her financial situation. Accountants can make suggestions on saving money, and they can help women set post-divorce budgets. For most women, income declines dramatically after a divorce and a woman may need to move to more affordable accommodations or liquidate some assets. An accountant can help a client set a budget to live on, and that budget can prove to the court that maintenance income is necessary.

Maintain Your Credit

Many women aren’t aware of their credit history and score, for a variety of reasons. In controlling relationships the other spouse put accounts in his name only, leaving the wife with no credit history. Alternatively, the spouse could open accounts in the wife’s name and allow those accounts to go into default. There are certain steps divorcing women can take to help their credit, and the first is to review their credit report. If a woman has no credit history, she should get a card in her name only and pay the balance each month to establish a credit record.

Find an Attorney

Talk to more than one Family Lawyer in Poulsbo Wa before making a hiring decision. When choosing a lawyer, consider their experience, and the amount of the practice that’s focused on family law. Examine the lawyer’s approach -;some lawyers favor collaborative divorce, but you should choose a Family Lawyer in Poulsbo Wa who isn’t afraid to argue in court should the need arise.

Keep Your Resume Updated

If a woman stays out of the work force to raise children or support her spouse in a career, she will have to find a way to support herself after the divorce. If a woman has no work history, she should consider volunteer work to acquire work-worthy skills.