Does Lawn Aeration in Spokane Really Matter?

In order to have a lawn that is lush and full, it pays to spend some time cultivating and managing the grass. Along with fertilizer and mowing the lawn, it pays to think about how aeration would make a difference. Here are some of the benefits that come with including Lawn Aeration in Spokane as part of the basic strategy for lawn care.

Dealing with Soil Compaction

The concept of soil compaction is not immediately familiar to everyone. This simply means that due to constant traffic on the lawn, the soil is tightly packed. Compaction can occur due to heavy equipment running across the lawn while an addition is being added to the home. If the house happens to be one of the spots that all the neighborhood kids use as a gathering place to play ball and other games, there is a good chance the soil is packed a little tighter than the homeowner would like.

Choosing to engage in Lawn Aeration in Spokane will help resolve the issue. The aeration will help to loosen the soil just enough to allow nutrients to seep into the ground when the lawn is fertilized and watered. As a result, the grass will grow stronger and thicker.

Resolving the Problem of Dry Soil

When the soil is bone dry, that means there is no moisture to feed the root system of the grass. Watering helps but it will only do so much if a good bit of that water is running off the lawn. By spending a little time aerating the lawn, the water will be able to permeate the soil more efficiently. That also makes it much easier to ensure the roots of the grass receive enough moisture and nutrients to remain healthy.

There are a number of other benefits that come with choosing to include aeration in the general plan for the landscaping. Talk with a professional today and arrange to have the lawn inspected. If there is a need to aerate the lawn, rest assured a professional will know how to do the job properly and ensure that the grass is receiving all the nutrition needed to grow lush and strong.