Add To Your Bathroom Décor With Granite Vanity Tops

The two most common upgrades or renovations for an existing home in Maple Grove, MN are the kitchen and the bathroom. If this is a first home renovation for you, the bathroom is a great room to start with as it is smaller to help you to get your feet in the process of working with contractors and specialized suppliers.

There are two different options to consider with a bathroom renovation. One is to expand the size of the room and make it into more of a personal spa. This is a very popular option for both a main bathroom as well an ensuite off of the master bedroom.

If you are going to do this, or if you are just going to upgrade without expanding the actual physical dimensions of the room, granite vanity tops make a terrific addition.

The Spa Experience

The variety of colors in granite vanity tops make them a perfect addition to create a spa-like experience. With the whites, creams and grays it is possible to create the look of marble with a vanity top that is more durable and more resistant to staining.

This is a perfect option as body care products, lotions, makeup and even soaps and hair products can be particularly hard on marble, particularly the honed marble surfaces.

The Natural Look

The warm, earthy colors and patterns of the darker granite options are also a wonderful match for a more rustic look in a bathroom. They go perfectly with wood elements on the base of the vanity and for wood floors and accents. With the possibility to add green and gold accents in the patterns, it is a versatile option that will allow you to change the look and still have the counters match perfectly.

Creating Space

Using light and bright colors of granite can create the look of openness and space, even in a small bathroom of your Maple Grove, MN home. This is also a great match with a vanity mounted vessel style of sink in any color or style. The sink above the countertop also adds to the look of space and draws the eye up, creating a focus area that is highlighted in the color of the granite.

There are many different ideas and options in using granite vanity tops for any bathroom renovation. Remember, granite can also be used elsewhere in the room for an amazing designer look that will match any budget.