Basics Of Laser Marking Services

In many different types of industries, there are requirements to have a durable, long-lasting and consistent way to identify parts, components or devices. This is true for all types of medical implants, some dental implants, parts used in the manufacturing of firearms and even to uniquely identify parts for the aerospace industry.

By using laser marking services, it is possible to have each piece uniquely identified through completely automated programs. It is also possible to add standard information or specific text or images to a part to provide branding as well as the unique identifiers.

Options for Materials

While most people think of laser marking services for stainless steel, this is not the only material that is a good match for this marking option. It is also suitable for brass and titanium as well as aluminum components.

Non-metals can also be marked using laser marking services. These include rubbers, plastics and even ceramics or more exotic components found in specialized applications in the medical, aerospace or the defense industries.

How it Works

There are different processes that are used in laser marking that depend on the specific material to be marked as well as the requirements of the customer. Laser engraving is the most familiar to most people.

With engraving, the laser melts the material and leaves a specific size of the groove in the material. This can be set to specific widths and depths and can be completed in different pre-set fonts. Metals can also be marked with a process known as removing. This is used on finished metals to remove the surface coating in the area under the beam in the desired pattern.


While the laser can be used to remove the surface under the laser, it can also be used to create specific temperatures that cause a chemical change in the material under the beam. This typically causes a light plastic to have a dark line, creating a permanent marking on the surface without altering the surface smoothness.


With very dark plastics staining would not be effective, but foaming will be. In this process the laser creates a bubbling or boiling on the surface that traps gas bubbles in the plastic. This results in a lighter area on the surface that allows for easy permanent marking and visibility.
Working with a top company with experience in laser marking will ensure the right process is used given the material and the desired end result.

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