Add To Your Display Area With Slatwall Systems

As a commercial property owner or manager renting space to retailers in malls or individual retail space, you know that having the right accessories and fixtures is essential. This is why more and more retail properties are utilizing slatwall systems on some or all of the walls within the space.

Slatwall systems offer several advantages over standard walls with individual fixtures. The walls are actually a series of raised and grooved systems which provide the ultimate in flexibility when attaching displays, shelves, hangers and other types of options for positioning merchandise.

Strength and Function

Utilizing aluminum slatwall systems provides additional functionality as well as strength to any wall area. Unlike some of the slatwall systems that are made of wood, the aluminum style can handle heavier displays and items, perfect for more than just clothing.

However, with the strength and lightweight qualities of aluminum, these slatwall systems can also be used for shelving, even with large or heavy items. There are no concerns about wood splintering or glue letting go and these systems will last for a lifetime of use.

Display hooks, hangers and shelving units for these systems are available through any display company. With the configuration of the wall allowing hangers and attachments to pop in and out of the system it is easy to change any wall configuration as often as possible.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The top aluminum slatwall systems are extremely easy to clean and maintain. A simple wipe with a damp cloth will take off the vast majority of possible materials that will get on the wall, but the aluminum will also stand up to commercial and industrial cleaners as well.

The natural mill finish or choosing another specialized finish can provide a more matted or a shinier look. This will allow you to match the choice in styles of slatwall systems to the décor in the retail outlet. Since the silver color of aluminum will literally go with any color or design, it is one of the most versatile wall display options out there.

When display space is at a premium and retailers want to have options, adding slatwall systems to one or more walls of a store or outlet is a big plus. Easy to install, easy to maintain and perfect for all types of displays, this is definitely a wall choice t add value.

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