CIP: A Key Factor For Success

by | May 29, 2015 | Business Services

If you plan on being successful in the competitive business of the soft drink and beverage industry, you need to find yourself an edge. This may be a special drink formula. More likely, however, it is getting one over the competition through technological innovation such as a state – of – the – art CIP system. To accomplish this goal, it is important to recognize a manufacturing company that can provide you with what you need while providing you as well with something that is flexible – able to adapt to the changing environment and its demands. A company has to be able to recognize not only what the customer wants but also be able to provide

What Is CIP?

The acronym “CIP” is short for clean (or cleaning)-in-place. It refers to a specific method through which the interior surfaces of the various filters, pipes, process equipment, vessels and other related pieces of equipment are cleaned. A CIP system does so without any major disassembly of the machinery. If the CIP system is sophisticated, it can accomplish its task of cleaning one part while the others continue to produce.

What Are the Benefits of a CIP System?

Until the early1950s, a facility had to disassemble the machinery before it was cleaned. It was a manual process. This could be not only frustrating for those who has to clean their machinery with frequency, but also could be expensive. The arrival of the CIP system meant factories that required higher standards of hygiene could benefit. Advantages included:

* Cleaning a system while it remained assembled
* Cleaning one facet of the machinery while others continue to operate
* Less downtime due to the shutting down of the machinery for cleaning
* Reduced costs of operation and maintenance because the plant can continue to operate in some capacity while the machinery is being cleaned
* Less man/woman power required to perform the actual cleaning. It is truly less labor intensive than the earlier methods
* A faster process
* Safer for employees as a result of less chance of exposure to chemical risks; safer since they are no longer required to enter the tanks physically to clean them
* Reduced waste of liquids since the CIP system will recycle the cleaning solutions and use only the ideal amount of water required to perform the operation

Companies that Benefit from Using a CIP System

Many companies in the food and drink industry were impacted by the availability of the CIP system. Among the many who were glad to have this chance to increase their profit margin without affecting their product’s quality and safety were those found in the following industries:

* Dairy
* Beverage
* Brewing
* Processed foods
* Pharmaceutical
* Nutraceutical
* Biotechnology
* Health and personal care
* Cosmetics

During the past few decades, technology has made its way into all sectors of the manufacturing process. Today, it is possible to clean equipment without labor intensive, somewhat risky and costly practices. Technology has provided companies with the ability to accomplish this using completely automated systems outfitted with controllers, sensors, and other programmable devices. Truly, the CIP system of modern and innovative factories has come a long way since the very simply manually operated ones ruled.

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