Adding Chicken Dog Treats To Your Dog’s Day

There is an overwhelming number of dog treats to choose from in any pet store or grocery store. These treats come in different colors, shapes, and sizes, and they also come with a range of different ingredients.

Most of the dog treats on the market today are a combination of healthy and not so nutritious ingredients. Many contain a lot of chemical flavorings, meals and by-products as opposed to healthy meats and foods dogs both love and need for optimal body system functioning.

One option to move away from heavily processed types of snacks and rewards for a dog is to choose chicken dog treats. Made with real chicken and other ingredients such as milk and peanut butter, they are a safe, healthy and delicious option your dog will love.

Dog Treats and Weight Management

Dogs are a lot like people. Some are more sedate and naturally prone to easily putting on weight. These couch potatoes often have trouble with joint stiffness and pain as they age, so maintaining their weight in a healthy range is not just important, it is critical for the pet.
By adding high-quality chicken dog treats to the daily routine, your dog can enjoy one chew a day and feel satisfied. He or she will have the time gnawing and chewing to keep jaws and teeth in good shape, plus the treat contains vitamins, minerals and nutrients your pet needs without the added filler ingredients.

Rawhide Free

Another reason to turn to chicken dog treats is the fact they are 100% rawhide free. Rawhide offers nothing in the way of nutrition for your dog, but it can result in digestive blockages and problems as well as pose a choking risk if the dog is left unattended.

Choosing rawhide free, natural dog treats made of chicken and other healthy ingredients is a great habit to develop. Your dog, from puppy to senior pet, will thank you for this decision.

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