Options In Large Dog Chew Bones

Owners of large dogs typically find they have a problem when it comes to finding toys and chew bones that are suitable for their pets. These larger dogs simply have powerful jaws that are capable of quickly chewing through most typical types of dog toys and chew bones.

Finding large dog chew bones can be difficult, but there are companies manufacturing chew bones specifically for this size of a dog. The difference in these chews is the heavier and larger overall sized combined with a healthy alternative to rawhide.

Skip The Rawhide

One of the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing large dog chew bones is to avoid any products made from rawhide. While these bones and chews can cause a range of digestive problems, it is the risk of blockage or obstruction with the large dogs that are most problematic.

The ability of a large dog to chew through a rawhide chew toy, even one for large dogs, creates a significant problem. The chewed chunks of rawhide are then swallowed whole, where they enter into the stomach and digestive tract.

Anyone who has picked up the mess from a rawhide toy knows that it swells and turns into a sodden mass when in contact with moisture. In the stomach and digestive system, it does the same, which creates a risk of obstruction.

To further complicate the matter, rawhide is very difficult to digest. In studies, even after a full 24 hours in the body, at least 15% of the mass remains. This often means surgery is required to remove the blockage and, if not detected, it can be a life-threatening condition.

Safe Options

Selecting large dog chew bones that are 100% rawhide free and made with healthy, natural ingredients such as baked pork skin, real chicken, milk and peanut butter provides a safe, beneficial chew bone your big dog will love.

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