Advantages and Applications of a Linear Power Source

by | Apr 12, 2017 | Electonics

A linear power source can be utilized to regulate the output voltage by significantly dropping excess voltage in a serious dissipative component. This type of source also uses a relatively complex regulator circuit to achieve a significantly lower load and line regulation. You can benefit from such sources by having extremely little ripple and even less output noise, which is ideal if you must execute projects and work in an area with large numbers of pedestrians.


If you need to reduce the noise of your amplifiers, a linear power source is your best option. This should allow you to perform your daily usage without any of the complexities or frustrations associated with the use of the amplifier.

Case Studies

Case study number 5 was conducted by Hubbell Power Systems to provide partial discharge-free power on high voltage capacitive products. During the case study, it became clear that finding the right linear power source using traditional suppliers was going to be difficult since the supplies were no longer in production. During the application, arrestors were to have their loads tested, which were capacitive with minimal PD level.

In conclusion, it was clear that to power up capacitive loads such as MOVs and coaxial cables, the output signal had to be extremely clean of all high frequency noise. For some reason, traditional suppliers have chosen to stop producing linear supply products, but some of the right companies remain active with their production and service industries around the world with their products.

No matter the application for which you plan to use your linear AC power source, you need to know that the products offered are of outstanding quality without exception. The right companies not only produce the sources you need for your applications, but they can even create custom options tailored to your unique needs. The more you do for yourself in regard to the next project, the better your outcome should be in the long run.

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