Innovative Ways to Get More from Your Bathroom

Your bathroom may not be the most spacious room, and it probably is not something that is always on your mind. It is, however, a room that is used regularly, and is an important part of your house. There have been several new ideas on how to make the most of that space, and you will find that these ideas can change the way you think of your bathroom.


It has been shown that a bath is not going to get you clean; it is more effective as a hobby or time killer than as a means to get washed up. It requires a lot of water, and while it can be restorative, it might not be important for everyone. The new trend is moving away from tubs, and with older bathrooms, tub to shower conversions in San Antonio are becoming popular. This is because it is a better use of space, and it also can be used to create a more open feeling.


Under sink storage is something that is moving out. While it was previously thought as being a convenient place to put things, newer designs are providing different options. The removal of under sink storage allows for more creativity in the design of sinks, which allows for your bathroom fixtures to give more visual interest. This storage is still necessary, but the location of it has changed.


The lighting in your bathroom has to provide certain functions. It must be bright enough and strategic enough to complete your beauty routine. That is not enough though, and new or recently renovated bathrooms are looking to innovations in lighting to provide both the function and add to the design. The light is a great way to influence the way you see a space, and the light fixture itself can be a great addition to your bathroom’s décor.

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