Advantages of Using a Staffing Agency as Opposed to Directly Hiring Employees

Staffing a small business with competent employees can be a challenge, especially for businesses without a talented human resources department. Advertising available positions, reviewing countless resumes and conducting interviews can take a lot of time out of a busy business owner’s day. Fortunately, there is a better way to get the right people in those open positions. By using a Staffing Agency, small business owners can save time as well as money.

Hiring new employees is expensive. In addition to all of the prehire expenses, a company may also have to absorb the expense of training their new hires and paying them while they learn what is expected of them in their new role. If the employee turns out to not be a good fit for the job, the process — expenses — start over. To avoid these hassles, contract with an experienced staffing service to place employees who already have the skills necessary to do the job.

When they use a Staffing Agency, small businesses don’t have to worry about enrolling new staff members into their benefits plan until they are sure they will stay with the company. Since the agency checks references and ensures the workers have the necessary skills to perform the duties required for the job, employers won’t have to spend as much time making hiring decisions. The benefits of using an agency increase when a business gets more than one worker this way. The agency takes care of all the payroll for their workers. The company merely has to send one payment to the agency per pay period for all of their temporary staff.

Making permanent employment decisions is easier when workers prove themselves as temps. Since small business owners don’t have any contracts with the individual workers, they can use them as long as they need and substitute them if necessary. The Arnold Group is one of the best staffing services in the area and is prepared to serve the needs of small businesses all around Kansas. Instead of struggling to recruit and train new employees, consider how much your business can benefit from using a staffing service.

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