Getting the Most from Your Outdoor Cooling System

Outdoor cooling or fog systems can be a good way to lower the temperature outside. If you are thinking about installing an outdoor cooling system, or if you already have one in place, here are some helpful tips for making it more effective and experiencing fewer problems.

Use Quality Products
This tip is more effective when you have not bought a cooling system yet. If you want the best misting, make sure to buy a system which is well-made. It may cost more than the cheaper systems, but the difference can be dramatic.

Even if you already have an outdoor cooling system, you may need to make changes or repairs at times. When you replace parts, use well made or heavy duty parts, when possible. This will give you better service and you’ll have fewer breakdown problems.

Create an “All Around” Design

When you mist, it will be more effective if you surround the entire area. This allows for better distribution of the cooling process. For example, your patio system may not be cooling as well as you expected. The main trouble may be your mist is concentrated in one area of the space. If you install misting nozzles around the perimeter of the area, you will have a more effective outdoor cooling system.

Increase Your Cooling Capacity

Maybe you are not getting the cooling effects you need. You may only have to add some more nozzles and tubing to your outdoor cooling system. Make sure to invest in some quality nozzles. For example, you can buy brass nozzles with stainless steel inserts at affordable prices when you choose a trusted online supplier of misting products.

If you add additional nozzles, choose a size smaller than the ones you currently have. This will provide a finer mist and may facilitate the process of cooling.

Add Cooling Fans for More Cooling Power

When you buy a quality cooling fan you will enjoy much more cooling power. For example, a good patio fan comes with 10 nozzles and can cover up to 900 square feet of space. With this kind of fan you have more control over the cooling power because you have a special mist deflector plate which can be adjusted for many different angles.

Keeping Your Outdoor Cooling System Clean

It is very important to keep the nozzles as clean as possible, so make sure and buy nozzles designed for easy cleaning. Consider adding a water filter which can remove calcium from your system. This will help to prevent hard water buildup which clogs nozzles and reduces cooling efficiency.

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