Advantages Of Veterinary Housecalls

Like doctors, it is hard to find a veterinarian who does house calls. However, it is increasingly becoming popular as mobile clinics take the road making this practice possible. It is easy to see why veterinary housecalls are advantageous. In Chicago alone, many dedicated pet owners are signing up for this type of service.

Why Vet House Calls?

Vet house calls can be very advantageous for both the patient and the patient’s parent. The reasons are varied and range from time to age-related issues. Among the most common are:

  • Time Management: For the parent/owner, time may be at a premium. If the vet can visit them at home, it may be easier for everyone
  • Stress Reduction: For many companion animals, visiting the vets can be very stressful. A vet visiting the home can reduce the stress significantly
  • Age: Geriatric pets can find it difficult to adjust to vet visits. Getting in a crate can be stressful; moving may be painful, difficult or even traumatic. Veterinary housecalls are, therefore, easier and better for the aging dog or cat. The same applies to older pet parents.
  • Avoiding Infection: Like doctors’ offices, Chicago vet clinics can be home to different viruses and bacteria. If your companion animal has a compromised immune system, is in a weakened state or simply seems to catch whatever is “going-around,” a vet clinic may not be the best place for him or her.
  • Multiple Pets: If you have multiple pets, having a vet visit your home is beneficial. It beats having to wrestle them all into the car for their check-up, shots or other health-related matters.

Veterinary Housecalls

In Chicago, companion parents are finding another way to reduce stress and the chance of contact illnesses. They can arrange for the vet to come to their home. Veterinary housecalls are increasingly becoming popular. While they may not be suitable for everyone, they do offer advantages.

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