The Outlook For A Craft Brewing Company In Oregon

In 2018, craft beer shows no indication of going flat. In fact, interest continues to rise. In the United States, craft brews remain extremely popular. While California generally tops the list for number of craft breweries, Oregon sits in the top five. Moreover, when you look at number of craft beer per capita, Oregon (OR) climbs to second place after Vermont and California drops to third. Things do indeed look good for any craft brewing company setting up shop in OR.

Oregon Craft Breweries

Oregon craft breweries continue to provide the market with a variety of high-quality craft beers. Cities such as Portland and Bend offer visitors the chance to follow an “Ale Trail.” This allows people to not only sample local brews but also discover the culture and environment responsible for shaping the various brews.

Those who go to the home of the brewing companies as part of a “beercation” usually discover much about local brews. They may come to sample the standard fares by larger companies e.g. Deschutes. In the end, they leave knowing more about others including the Sunriver Brewing Company. Furthermore, although starting in Portland, a tour can end in any of the many great Oregon craft beer producing communities including:

 * Ashland
 * Astoria
 * Baker City
 * Bend
 * Corvallis
 * Eugene
 * Hood River

The presence of so many well-crafted craft brews throughout the state does seem to indicate a positive future for even the smallest OR brewing company.

The Success of the Oregon Craft Brewing Company

The ongoing success of many breweries in Oregon depends on various factors. Like any industry, a stable economy plays a role. The weather, the ongoing availability of pure water sources and the continued growth of fresh hops play significant roles. However, for any craft brewing company to be successful, the brewmaster and his/her employees must be able to produce continually superior quality brews while creating attractive seasonal or special concoctions for public consumption.

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